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EFI – Creating Life Opportunities

EFI is a company that provides vocational and residential services to the developmentally disabled. EFI originally came to McCarty & Associates, Inc. as the recipient of a pro-bono grant for non-profit companies located in Mason County that McCarty & Associates, Inc. offered. The grant awarded the recipient work on a marketing campaign designed to help boost education and public awareness of the company, as well as revamping the ‘image’ of the company. After the grant’s work was through, EFI was so impressed that they chose to hire McCarty & Associates, Inc. full-time to handle all their branding and educational campaigns.

McCarty & Associates, Inc. started with a new logo that incorporates the “running man,” signifying the change and progress towards independence that working with EFI gives their clients. They also identified the strength of EFI as creating life opportunities for their clients, and thus the new slogan, “Creating Life Opportunities” was born. Also, “Team EFI” was coined to be used as the URL to their website, and consequently, the term has really promoted pride for the organization throughout its clients and staff. McCarty & Associates, Inc. also established a quarterly external newsletter, aimed at educating the public on EFI and their clients that went out to 10,000+ readers and homes.

These are just a few of the many marketing tools that McCarty & Associates, Inc. has implemented for EFI. The staff and executive board at EFI has found it to be a great success not only with the community, but within the company as well. As one EFI employee puts it, in response to the branding campaign, that “it all ties together, everything’s clicking now.”

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